Change is Good...?

As many of you know, DESIGNS by Rashada is my growing business.  This blog is mostly about the work that I do and the work that I have the potential to do, but like any new venture, starting out on your dream doesn't make a business bloom overnight.

Therefore, I have a day job in IT and today my "office" is being moved.  I share a space with our CAD guy and we each will set off to new desk spaces and be in different rooms as our company reorganizes.

It's kind of a bittersweet experience.  Like many of you, I am not particularly fond of change even though I know that it's a necessary part of growth.  Our space may not be much, but it's ours and I have been with this company for over nine years in it.

Change is new opportunity.  Change is a new chance to spread your wings and thrive.  Change motivates thankfulness for what you've had and what you may have.  This is what I am trying to focus on today- positive change.

My business is in the process of change and it's exciting.  I am meeting new people, making new connections with other creative professionals and updating my website and business cards.

The whole future is out there and if you are starting a new venture, don't be scared!  Embrace the changes that God will bring into your life this new year and be thankful for them.

What new ventures have you embarked on in the New Year? Post a comment or leave us some good advice.

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