Space that Keeps Giving

Normally, I write about what’s going on in my business in a pseudo dramatic way, but creativity abounds, I hope, in all aspects of my life. My husband and I have been working on fixing up our home on a budget- break out the thrift store paints and discount art canvases that I’ve re-purposed (so what if they originally had weird farm scenes painted on them… but I digress).

I am a fan of all things DIY so when I found Mandi’s blog, Vintage Revivals, I was hooked. (Que some cheesy soul mates theme song.) She’s fun, she’s energetic- she likes pattern and color!! So today I dedicate this blog post to her...

I am entering her contest with this blog post and will let you know how things go along the way. Feel free to enter, too as the deadline is not until tomorrow ;)

My entry, you might ask? My basement. I stated that so simply that you might be encouraged to conjure up visions of bland cement blocks and dim lighting. Oh that that were it- I laugh at you! I won’t go into too much detail as the media will speak for itself. Suffice it to say that the awesomeness that could be this room is only hidden for the moment.

Strain your eyes and your imagination to find the laundry room, the tool shop, the oodles of storage and the fun places that my cat could play without emerging with masses of nastiness caked into his fur and paws. This, my friends, is a space filled with so much potential that it physically annoys me when I experience it as it is now.  Since this basement could be such a great workshop, your vote is not just a vote for one space, but for a space that gives life to other spaces :)  (Very deep, very deep indeed!)

EpicRoomMakeover2012Entry from Rashada Nunez on Vimeo.


Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Rashada, you are adorable. Thank you SO much for entering the giveaway! Good luck my dear!

Love your guts

DESIGNS by Rashada said...

See, bffs in the making already- I think you are adorable too ;) Thanks for the personal comment, Mandi. Win or loose in this contest, your blog will continue to inspire my diy efforts. God bless~

Brandi said...

Good luck, Rashada! I just voted for you!

DESIGNS by Rashada said...

Awe!! How great is that?! Thank you Brandi! I'm checking out your blog now and am digging the groove and the food! Thanks so much :)