From Comp to Core

My client's business, "Rally Comp", has now become "Rally Core". Apparently, there is a similar company in Sweden (I believe) that is now branching out internationally and encroaching on the US "Rally Comp" name front.

I must say though, that he's handled the transition beautifully. The update to the website was a quick one, two, three for me and he was able to adjust his logo with the right software.

When researching the name for your business, do a google search not only on your proposed business name, but also on your product description. Check the thesaurus for other words or phrases that are similar to your product or service and search those as well.

If you're stumped by similarity in the field, think about that unique aspect of your business and run with it. Before I settled on naming my business DESIGNS by Rashada, I dabbled with using Empire4Design.

There's still a spot in my heart for this name as there was so much of me wrapped up in it, however, when I came to that fork in the road, my name was more unique then all of the other design businesses that I'd googled with "empire" in it. I wanted my name to stand for quality, creativity, and professionalism. That's the end that I'm still working towards.

From a design perspective, I'd love to hear if either of these logos speaks to you. What are they whispering in your creative minds?


A Peculiar Person said...

What really captured me was the psudo-cityscape in the background of the Empire4Design logo. It's so simple, so clean, yet so evocative. It definitely speaks to building an empire =)

DESIGNS by Rashada said...

Thank you so much! I really did love that too! There's so much that you can do to take off with the empire theme. It was very hard to make the switch :)