Thank you treats

int. Kitchen

Woman violently rips open a large bag of dog treats and pours some into a snack bag. She slips the snack bag in with her lunch.


Is that going to hold you over dear? Do you think those are for human consumption? I can give you another banana if you really need the second snack.


Very funny. I'm taking these with me so that I can package them.


Uh huh, right! You just tell me how you like them.

Fade to black

A few posts back, I mentioned a photo shoot that I did with Lu Jean and Mitzi Joe. At the close of a business transaction, I like to send a little thank you gift- something that my clients can hopefully use for their business.

These are small dog biscuits are individually wrapped gifts that Lu Jean can pass along to her own clients. The gift tags are puppy profiles printed with Lu Jean's business name across the front. The profile was inspired by none other than Mitzi.

Thanks again for your business, Lu Jean!

Have you ever received an item as a thank you from someone you've done business with? I'd love to know what, so please post some of your gifts in the comments section.

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