Space that Keeps Giving

Normally, I write about what’s going on in my business in a pseudo dramatic way, but creativity abounds, I hope, in all aspects of my life. My husband and I have been working on fixing up our home on a budget- break out the thrift store paints and discount art canvases that I’ve re-purposed (so what if they originally had weird farm scenes painted on them… but I digress).

I am a fan of all things DIY so when I found Mandi’s blog, Vintage Revivals, I was hooked. (Que some cheesy soul mates theme song.) She’s fun, she’s energetic- she likes pattern and color!! So today I dedicate this blog post to her...

I am entering her contest with this blog post and will let you know how things go along the way. Feel free to enter, too as the deadline is not until tomorrow ;)

My entry, you might ask? My basement. I stated that so simply that you might be encouraged to conjure up visions of bland cement blocks and dim lighting. Oh that that were it- I laugh at you! I won’t go into too much detail as the media will speak for itself. Suffice it to say that the awesomeness that could be this room is only hidden for the moment.

Strain your eyes and your imagination to find the laundry room, the tool shop, the oodles of storage and the fun places that my cat could play without emerging with masses of nastiness caked into his fur and paws. This, my friends, is a space filled with so much potential that it physically annoys me when I experience it as it is now.  Since this basement could be such a great workshop, your vote is not just a vote for one space, but for a space that gives life to other spaces :)  (Very deep, very deep indeed!)

EpicRoomMakeover2012Entry from Rashada Nunez on Vimeo.

From Comp to Core

My client's business, "Rally Comp", has now become "Rally Core". Apparently, there is a similar company in Sweden (I believe) that is now branching out internationally and encroaching on the US "Rally Comp" name front.

I must say though, that he's handled the transition beautifully. The update to the website was a quick one, two, three for me and he was able to adjust his logo with the right software.

When researching the name for your business, do a google search not only on your proposed business name, but also on your product description. Check the thesaurus for other words or phrases that are similar to your product or service and search those as well.

If you're stumped by similarity in the field, think about that unique aspect of your business and run with it. Before I settled on naming my business DESIGNS by Rashada, I dabbled with using Empire4Design.

There's still a spot in my heart for this name as there was so much of me wrapped up in it, however, when I came to that fork in the road, my name was more unique then all of the other design businesses that I'd googled with "empire" in it. I wanted my name to stand for quality, creativity, and professionalism. That's the end that I'm still working towards.

From a design perspective, I'd love to hear if either of these logos speaks to you. What are they whispering in your creative minds?

Thank you treats

int. Kitchen

Woman violently rips open a large bag of dog treats and pours some into a snack bag. She slips the snack bag in with her lunch.


Is that going to hold you over dear? Do you think those are for human consumption? I can give you another banana if you really need the second snack.


Very funny. I'm taking these with me so that I can package them.


Uh huh, right! You just tell me how you like them.

Fade to black

A few posts back, I mentioned a photo shoot that I did with Lu Jean and Mitzi Joe. At the close of a business transaction, I like to send a little thank you gift- something that my clients can hopefully use for their business.

These are small dog biscuits are individually wrapped gifts that Lu Jean can pass along to her own clients. The gift tags are puppy profiles printed with Lu Jean's business name across the front. The profile was inspired by none other than Mitzi.

Thanks again for your business, Lu Jean!

Have you ever received an item as a thank you from someone you've done business with? I'd love to know what, so please post some of your gifts in the comments section.

A WWII German re-enactor... and his car

int. office building

Employees are filing out of the building as one man
enters. He heads for the back to talk to the graphic artist.


You must be "Uncle Bob", welcome!

The two shake hands.


I'm not actually anybody's uncle... I don't know why they call me that.

Fade to black

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Robert on a rather unique project- a vinyl graphic for the front of his mini coop. I created the outline of the German Coat of Arms Eagle and shield from an old grain sack that he had. It will be used to make a decal for the hood.

Robert, Bob for short, has worked on projects with National Geographic and the History Channel as a World War II German re-enactor. He's passionate about his work, about his German heritage, and his car.

In "Hitler's Final Days in the Bunker" he portrayed a guard whose job was to put up a good fight and die. He then played a SA guard in "Night of the Long Knives" whose job was to put up a good fight, get arrested and die. He jokes that his acting career just gets him killed. Here's a trailer that took first place at the Philadelphia film festival. Look for a close up of the first guard to be seen smoking by the fire (Bob assures me that it was an herbal cigarette.)

Mitzi's ready for her closeup


Two women, in conversation, walking to a car


You're coming to the Premiere right?


Yes, Mitzi Joe and I will be there!


Ah.. ok. I think I'll have to check with The Grand Theater to see if they allow animals in their facility...


When you ask, tell them that Mitzi is a small, stage trained dog who just made a commercial for Cesar Millan


I posted a video on Facebook a bit ago with a note- "For those of you who've been wondering what we were doing for the last year and half of our lives..." Yes, the movie Temperaments is out on DVD! How exciting! I can't tell you what a project this has been. There have been ups and downs. Accolades and sheer joys and... that day that I couldn't stop sobbing... but I digress.

I will continue to post on the process for those of you who are interested. Today though, I'm posting about two of our cast members who are my latest clients: Lu Jean and Mitzi Joe.

Lu Jean runs Camp Jeans, a Doggie Daycare. She blogs often from Mitzi's perspective and is in the process of launching Mitzi's book about the life of being a dog at Camp Jeans. Mitzi is just the cutest thing and I am happy to have spent a fun Saturday morning photographing them for the upcoming book.