...and the biz goes on

So this new blog marks the first day of another critical look at my website and business. I still need to get those print examples up and perhaps sift through some of my photography and video examples.

I feel like I work constantly and would like to update my site so that there's something to show for it. This is proof that although a website may become stagnant for a time (and getting married and moving does take time, lol), chances are that the business is not. Yet we live in America where everything is needed yesterday, and today's news is out of date.

Well, bear with me as my massive amounts of wedding planning projects have come to an end. At some point, I will post my invitations and all of the design elements that went in to the production.

Also, be on the lookout for my latest design comps. I'll be posting this project as soon as I can put the screenshots together. God bless~

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